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The Sand Trap Foundation

We can do great things, with your support.

Since 2010 the Sand Trap Foundation has provided a platform to really help and support our community. We are trying to create an opportunity each year to reach out and help children in need, by getting together and having a great time! We are dedicated to improving the lives of children through various fundraising activities and charitable donations.


The Sand Trap Foundation is a great way to give back while having a lot of fun! Come check out one of our events and see for yourself. You WILL NOT be disappointed. The Sand Trap Foundation brings friends, family, and wallets together to support children in need within our local community.


As a 501 (c)(3) organization that supports children in our local communities, we have continued to grow over the last ten years by raising over $75,000 to help local families and charities that fit our mission. Please support your community by being part of The Sand Trap Foundation. With YOU, we can make a difference.

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